Ye Olde Woodwright's Shop


This is John's new woodworking shop and some photos of the projects that have been produced there. 

If you have questions about the info below or just want to say hello, email me at john "at" teamturpin "dot" org


Welcome to my shop.  Pull up a stool and sit a while. 



Woodworking Projects



Murphy Bed


Where Murphy's Law and sharp tools collide.



The floating things I've built (and some that didn't float too long).



Kitchen Projects

Miscellaneous projects in the kitchen

Millstone Project

Olde technology and new technology meet and make flour





Building the Workshop




Building the Barn


John builds his dream wood shop.



The Dust Collection System


Not all vacuums suck.  Some are awesome.



Updating a Vintage Saw

Giving an old friend a new lease on life.


New!  Finishing out the Interior


How about a cozy cedar shop?



Flip-top Tool Cabinet


It's a sander.  No, it's a planer.



Hand Tool Cabinets

Finding room for cabinets in an unlikely place.


Table Saw Upgrade


What to do when you can't afford a new saw.



Drill Press and Sanding Cabinet


How many features can one cabinet support?


Sandpaper Cabinet


A smooth solution for rough paper organization


Radial Arm Saw Upgrade


Replacing a very old saw with an old saw